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Try These Captivating Measures to Convince Your Lover to Marry

In today’s generation, love marriage becomes a normal thing because many parents give green signal for the lover to marry proposal. Even though many things have changed regarding love marriage, still many lovers are confronting several issues. The issue usually comes from either boy or girl side or sometimes both. Lovers should be ready to face any conflicts so that they can hold the hands of their loved ones.

Whenever you confront issues from your lover side, you have to reach the famous Vashikaran specialist in New Delhi. It is because astrology has the perfect solution for all kinds of issues. Keep reading to know the significant captivating measures through which you can subdue your lover and get marry your lover!

How To Convince Your Lover To Marry

When your lover has lost his mind, and you wish to bring him or her back, try the mantra “Sunisiy satya asis hamari” and Poojihi mana kamaan tihar” for 108times. It helps you to keep your lover under your control. As per the guidance of the Vashikaran specialist in┬áMumbai, you can control your parent’s mind by chanting the mantra “Om lakshmi narayanay namah” for about 108times. Before chanting this mantra, you should wear the clean robe on Thursday and then take the rhinestones garland.

When nothing works, you can try this one. Simply write your lover’s name on the paper on the first Monday of Shukla Paksha. Then, take this paper and sit in the worship by wearing clean clothes. Now, chant “Om lakshmi narayan namah” for 108 times. You must chant this mantra daily until you get a marriage proposal from your lover. Usually, it takes almost three months to witness the effect of this vashikaran remedy. Thus, do not lose hope and keep chanting the mantra continuously. Soon, you will obtain auspicious signs.

Every Monday, you can visit the Shiva-Parvati temple and gift more than sixteen makeup items. After that, you should provide water and milk on the Shivling and then Chant the mantra “Namah Shivaaya” in your mind. You should wear a red dress and keep fasting when doing these things to get love success.

Convince Your Lover To Marry

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